Project Description

Peeling Machine (peeling & washing)

・KP-7860 Medium

・KP-7550 Automatic

・KP-7580 Large

・KP-7560 Compact

・KP-7530 Dry

・KP-5350 Ginkgo nut-Automatic

・KP-5750 Walnut-Automatic

01 Features (Ginkgo nut-Automatic/Walnut-Automatic)

Model Features
Ginkgo nut / Walnut
  • The grains are not broken during the work, and the work can be handled by one person. (Patent)
  • Because the grains are washed after peeling, no reprocessing is required.
  • The process can be done with 220V electricity and water supply to 15~25mm pipe.
  • It can prevent surrounding environmental contamination.

02 Product Specification

Item Name Type Efficiency/Day Motor/220V Weight (Kg) Water Consumption Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
Compact Kp-7560 Over 800kg 1hp 82 15mm + 850 750 1050
Medium Kp-7860 Over 1.5ton 0.5/1hp 140 15~20mm + 2000 780 1080
Dry Kp-7530 Over 600kg 1.5hp 126 15mm + 970 890 1060
Automatic Kp-5350 Over 2ton  2hp 168  15mm + 2880 1000 1720
Automatic Kp-5750 Over 1ton 2.8Kw 168 15mm + 2880 1000 1720

・KP-6500 Chain type


・KP-6570 Chain pump type


・KP-6560 Water wheel type

・KP-6580 Water wheel type

01 Characteristics (chestnut sorting cleaning)

Model Features
Chestnut sorting cleaning
  • It plays the role of improving quality together with chestnut (ginkgo) sorter.
  • If it is transported with water on the surface, less scar is left on the surface of chestnut.
  • Brush washing function is added for sorting mature fruit from poor quality fruit by floating chestnut (ginkgo) on the water (option)

02 Product Specification

Type Kp-6500






Length(mm) 2250 2250 1380
Width(mm) 1080 1080 790
Height(mm) 1350 1350 1150
Efficiency (Work) 15~25 tons 15~25 tons 6~10 tons