Project Description

Wild Animals Repellent Lamp

Wild animals repellent lamp is a self-developed, locally manufactured product in accordance with domestic circumstances, has higher light intensity than Chinese products and provides better repellent effect. In particular, the buzzer provides the best animal repellent effect with very intensive light at night and 24-hour operating 400Hz buzzer buzzer during the day.

Installation of red lights

Installation of red + blue lights

Installation of blue buzzer

Installation of blue buzzer.

Product Guide


Intensive LED light dislikable by animals

Differ from existing fixed animal repellent device, this product offers intensive light at the eye-level of wild animals.


Selective red or blue LED lights

You can select the red light with long wavelength or the blue light with short wavelength according to given situations, while installing both red and blue lights can be more effective in deterring animals.


Maximizing repellent effect with mobile installation.

This product is movable and gives warnings to wild animals and confuses their senses to protect the farmer’s valuable properties by installing it at the entrance of animal paths coming from the mountain and moving the position to another path 5~6 days later.


Long time use without power

Differentiated from existing products, this product can be used longer than 20 days even under the trees with plenty number of sunless days (a situation without any sunshine). Just placing this product under the sun for a few days only allows using it continuously.


Simple and strong installation

Because the product is easy to move and plant on the ground deeply, it is strong enough to withstand rain and wind.


Convenient removal and storage

When it is not used, clean it thoroughly, turn off the switch at the bottom of the product, and keep it well for reuse the next year.(About 5 years of battery life)


Effective buzzer even at dawn and during day

Effective for animal deterrence from dawn to daytime, so it is better to select the 24-hour activating buzzer type. Protect your properties from wild animals using red + blue lights and buzzer.

Detail View


Model Voltage Lamp Quantity of sunless days Color Weight Warning light size
KP-3200 2.4V High-intensity LED 12EA About 20 days Red/Blue 1.1kg 125? x 125
KP-3300 3.7V High-intensity LED 12EA About 20 days Red/Blue 1.1kg 125? x 125