Project Description

Deep Plowing Rotary


Deep Plowing Rotary

01 Product Features

Model Features
Deep Plowing Rotary
  • Effect of destroying salt layer and admixing soil at the same time with soil stirring of 500~600mm deep plowing
  • Effects of solving damages of repeated cultivation, supplying oxygen and drainage (effect of activating soil microorganisms)
  • Effects of increasing vitality of root vegetables, and (stone) reclamation
  • PTO level: Depth of plowing in level 1:600mm super low speed 1~2 level

02 Product Specification

Nmae of  Type KP-1500
Size Length (mm) 910
Width (mm) 1580
Height (mm) 1200
Weight (Kg) 380
Tractor (HP) More than 35(Hyper-slow)