Project Description

Turn Signal (indicator, taillight)

[Patent Registered Product]

Newly developed lighting device (warning light) essential to prevent traffic accidents

• Development of taillight to withstand tillage and tractor with severe vibration( (18 patent registrations)
• Developed strong turn signal brackets anybody can attach easily to a cultivator (32 patent registrations)

※ It is made of stainless steel because aluminum brackets are deformed easily even by small impact.


Name Turn Signal (indicator, taillight) Both for 12v / 6v batteries
Type Cultivator taillight kp-3100 / kp-3150
Test score  Passed the test of the Korea Automotive Technology Institute
Quality assurance Quality assurance product certified by Korea Agricultural Machinery Industry Cooperative
Product specification Flickering cycle: 60 ~ 120
Yellow light / 50cd ~ 500cd
1 set of turn signal includes total 4 lights: 2 at the front and 2 at the back
“Constant flickering” (emergency light) / “left-right directional function” (indicator)
Both for 12v / 6v batteries, effective area 22cm² or more