Project Description

Chestnut Bur Peeling Machine

KP-6630 / KP-6620

Chestnut Bur Peeling Machine

01 Products Features

Model Features
Chestnut Bur Peeling Machine
  • This is a compact-designed high-performance machine that can peel chestnut burs continuously up to 400kg per hour.
  • It is possible to peel chestnut burs without leaving any scar on the chestnuts by operational difference between rubber rolls.
  • It is possible to work according to the type of chestnut bur and ripen status by adjusting interval between rubber rolls.
  • Bur and chestnut are separated in a sorter after passing through the rubber roll.

02 Product Specification

Type kp-6630 kp-6620
Size(length X width X height) 2420X950X1080 1980X800X1280
Weight(Kg) 245 165
Power transmission method Motor belt Motor belt
Use Separate chestnut bur from chestnut