Project Description


JY 270-500 / YG-300


01 Products Features

Model Features
  • It helps strengthening the power of trees by cutting roots along with trenching.
  • It improves soil quality by helping oxygen supply to the soil.
  • Trenching to supply fertilizer and gynander drainage (270mm~300mm in width, 600mm in depth)
  • Underground heating hoses can be installed much more easily.
  • It is suitable for cutting roots in orchards, drainage furrows in greenhouses and cultivation of root plants.

02 Product Specification

Name of Type JY 270-500 YG-300
Size Length (mm) 117 240
Width (mm) 149 105
Height (mm) 115 75
Weight (Kg) 300 215
Applicable Tractor 21-50HP 28-50HP
Trenching width and depth Width 27cm Depth 50cm Width 27cm Depth 50cm
# and shape of trenching blades L type 24 blades C type 26 blades
Trenching axis rotating direction Reverse rotation Reverse rotation
Power-transmission method Gear Gear and chin
Traction mover driving level Super low speed 1~2 level Super low speed 1~2 level
Working speed 1000m/hour 1000m/hour