Project Description


HK1200 / HK2000


Principle of agitation of combined applicable container

The 45-degree angled pair of splay nozzles is installed at about 20cm height from the bottom in the liquid chemical tank to spray water from top to bottom, and make the water and liquid chemicals form vortexes for constant agitation. Due to such agitation concentration can be always even between upper and lower areas, the pharmaceutical efficacy of the liquid chemical can be improved and damage from agricultural chemicals on crops can be minimized at the same time.

01 Product features

Up-down agitating function

With equipped agitating spray nozzle, the pressure of the spray water is not affected by chemical spraying. It is designed not just to dissolve hardly decomposable granules/powder completely but also to maintain even concentration using up-down agitation.

Perfect discharging function

It has outstanding discharging function as a valve is installed in the furrow formed from the floor to the side of concave groove in the inside of specially designed container, so it is easy to clean the container or discharge residue.

Easy and convenient hose connection

Because a hose can be coupled to the outside of the body, the connection is easy. It can carry the container with the cover closed, and also can spray chemicals directly without overflow of liquid chemicals.

Perfect inlet function

It can spray whole amount of liquid chemicals without tilting the container, as an inlet filter is installed in the concave groove in the specially designed floor.

03 Item discription



04 Product Specification

Type Specification Capacity Color Remarks
HK1200 105 X 115 X 110 1200L White Can be fitted onto a cultivator
HK2000 140 X 155 X 130 2000L White